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Top Tips from Travelers for Visiting Canberra, Australia

Vibrant Canberra attracts numerous guests from abroad on a yearly basis. It’s a city that can be seen either by walking or by using its reliable bus transport. If you don’t know how to make your upcoming trip to Canberra a success, read below some helpful tips from people who have already seen the place and loved it.


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Stay in an apartment of your own

Although Canberra offers diverse accommodation, visitors claim that having your own apartment is the best, most relaxing way to make the transition from one day to the next. Have a look at the furnished apartments Canberra agencies advertisements and inquire on those that you can rent for a short period of time. You will be thanking yourself for this decision.


Kangaroo sighting

Yes, Canberra allows you to do what everyone wants to do in Australia – meet some kangaroos. Spot these at the Yarralumla suburb, a historical kangaroo nursery. On its grounds you will find entire groups, usually hopping around or simply laying in the sun. The season may influence their activities and energy, though. Also, check the gift shop and find some interesting local souvenirs.


Visit the National Gallery

Even though you are not a fan of museums and would rather spend your free time outdoors, you should not be skipping this. At the National Gallery you can see permanent exhibitions including the Indigenous Gallery. The most surprising part, however, is the fragrant sculpture garden with its unusual art.


Visit Lake Burley Griffin

The place is charming in every season and will get you addicted to its tranquility and beauty. It also offers some good biking opportunities. It’s a great place for a picnic, but you can also enjoy a meal or a drink at one of the cafes and restaurants in the area.


Wine tasting

Canberra and its surrounding regions are known for their wines, which enjoy international fame. Thus, many events revolve around wine tasting. Note that this is in a special league – that of the cool climate wines, so you’ll be up for an interesting experience.


Canberra biking tours

Locals and tourists alike say that biking is the best way to see the city. Don’t join a group, just take a bike and go by yourself. Start from the Parliament House, go past the National Gallery and the Library, then continue all the way to the Botanic Gardens.


Go out for dinner

Even if you are completely on your own, it is perfectly alright to go out and have dinner. Many spots are usually crowded and have amazing food. Besides, sometimes you may even have the opportunity to watch it being cooked. You can try Chinese or Thai food and even Malaysian.


Visit the Cockington Green miniature world

This formidable touristic attraction lets you visit the world in one day. It presents miniatures of landmarks, sights and world icons, all in one splendid garden. The details are fascinating and you can see anything, from traditional German houses to Buddhist temples, Petra, the Acropolis and Machu Picchu.

Canberra is now served by its international airport, which makes travel far easier. Thanks to this upgrade, now you can reach the city by air, in a most convenient fashion, if you opt for connecting flights.