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Tips for Planning a Cycling Vacation

Going on a cycling vacation can be an amazingly rewarding experience. If you haven’t cycled on a trip before, some planning will be necessary in advance. Remember that planning for a cycling vacation is a bit different from a regular vacation where you would be chauffeured around. So, here are several important tips to keep in mind when going on a bike tour:

Pack Appropriate Gear

You cannot go on a biking trip without the right cycling gear Australia. You will need to pack appropriate attire, safety helmets, and other gadgets to stay comfortable and secure on your journey. Don’t pack new gear. If you need to buy new gear, do it in advance and then break them in. The last thing you need is to find out that your cycling pants chafe at the crotch in the middle of a tour.

Choose the Right Bike

Of course, you need to choose the right bicycle for the trip. Your trusty city commuter will not fare well on a gravelly uphill road abroad. As a cyclist you would know that different bike models are designed for difference purposes. If you plan on undertaking mountain trails on your trip, you will need a good mountain bike. If your journey will be largely on a flat road, a rugged road bike or a good BMX might do. So, before you leave, make sure you have the right bike for the trail.


Have the Bike Inspected

Once you have decided which bike you are taking, it needs to undergo an inspection. It’s just like taking a car to the mechanic before going on a road trip. You can do an initial inspection yourself, but to be sure, take the bicycle to a professional repair shop and get the chains oiled and anything else seen to. Don’t forget to ask the pros whether your bike is suitable for the trail you are taking.

Research the Trail

Just like with any other vacation, you need to carefully plan the trail you want to take. Understand how rough it would be, so you can choose the right bike type. You also need to know how long it would be and the kind of challenges and obstacles you might face. For example, would you need to bike uphill for an hour before taking a break? It’s paramount that you know these things in advance.


Go with a Friend or a Guide

If this is your first cycling trip, or if the trail you are about to take is unfamiliar to you, you must have someone accompany you. If you plan on a backpacking cycling trip, go with a friend, rather than alone. If you do go alone, plan to have a guide accompany you to unfamiliar territory. It’s never smart to go cycling alone in strange places.

Include Plenty of Stops in the Itinerary

Don’t forget to plan frequent rest stops so you don’t tire out prematurely. The duration between each rest stop will depend on your endurance levels. However, don’t push it. Know your limits and capabilities. If your journey is particularly long, you might need shorter rest stops. They are not bad. You will get to enjoy the scenery rather than speed past it.

Don’t push your boundaries on a cycling vacation, unless you are staying close to home and are with trusted friends. Be safe before anything else.