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Statement Pieces Every Bride Should Own

Being a bride is a once in a lifetime event and it is important that she looks stunning in her big day. Finding the right outfit, getting the hair done and the just the right amount of blush can make any girl look beautiful. What makes a bride stand out is not only her grand dress but also the statement piece of jewellery she decides to wear. Depending on the kind of wedding and the type of bride one is, the jewellery she decides to wear can vary. Here are a few options that we thing will make any bride look even more stunning and should own for her big day and any events she will be attending in the recent future.

The Chunky Neck Piece

Look for cubic zirconia jewellery for affordable and elegant statement pieces for the neck. Not only do they have a huge range to choose from, the fact that it is less costly compared to diamonds makes it a go to choice.  Investing in something like this gives you the opportunity to own more pieces that you can switch around and mix and match for different events and outfits. This way you won’t have to keep repeating the same piece for the different functions even after your wedding.


A Chunky Gold Bracelet or Cuff

A chunky piece for the wrist is always nice to lift your whole outfit to the next level. There are fancy designs that you could select from. You can go Indian with a traditional looking piece or keep is plain and classic. Regardless of the design, you can be sure that this piece will not only eliminate the need for other accessories like matching rings or earrings it will shift you from being underdressed to just right.

A Cocktail Ring

These are great to make your look fashionably ready for any time. Instead of sporting bare hands, a chunky ring with an outrageous design is always permitted to make a statement with all your outfits. You can wear one with your jeans or dress. It can work with almost all outfits and make you look like oh out some effort into getting ready.

Earrings for Every Occasion

When it comes to earrings, we suggest that you own two classic pieces. You will need one stud that can be worn for all looks. This can be a simple single stone stud or a slightly fancy one with many little diamonds. The choice is yours depending on your taste and personality. A diamond one or a diamante will do just the trick. You will be able to wear these with almost all outfits, keeping it simple yet classic and stylish. Next pair of dangling earrings is needed.  These should be your classic cocktail style ones and kept to be worn on days you want just the right amount of lift to your outfit with out too much work. Go for designs and colours that will work with all outfits. This way you can avoid having to own too many pieces that end up just sitting in your jewellery box year after year.

With a few changes and addition to your jewellery collection you can be sure to look stunning every time you get dressed. As the new bride you definitely want to make an impact as you walk around with your husband be it at family events or your personal trips.