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Mistakes You Need to Avoid When You Are Booking a Hotel

What is the most important thing which people may do in this century?

Unless you have a good friend who will rent his house for your next stay in the area you are travelling or you have another house in that area/country, booking a hotel is an important thing that is included in your checklist of traveling. When you are planning to spend few days or even weeks in another country or city, looking for hotels can be sometimes the hardest thing to do apart from hotels. There are so many hotels and places you would like to stay and because of the wide range, you find it hard to make your decision and get carried away. So, this is why we thought of pinpointing some mistakes, we travelers always do.

The incorrect dates

We often go through this problem when we are traveling overseas. You know the time changes from this country to that and when you are booking hotels in another country, please make sure you double check your flight tickets and see which time and date you are landing to the country. Your check-in dates would be different because of the time zones. So, check the time and date according to that country and then hit the “confirm” button. Don’t waste money paying for an extra night.

Check for the offers

We all like these offers and discounts hotels give us. Especially when you are using credit cards, there are different offers you will come across in this hotel and in that one. While you go through these offers, don’t get carried away for offers that are not compatible with you. Pick the ones that you really wish going for and saving some money. Most of the hotels use this as a promotion for their name but its best to check all the policies and rules of every offer.

Ended up at the wrong place

When you have all the facilities to check an address, locate it on Google Maps and then take a good look at the neighborhood, still so many travelers go and book the wrong place for their stay. This is how many of us simply get carried away. The description saying that it’s “situated in the heart of the city” will not always be true. So, when you are looking for a hotel, take the address and enter it for Google Maps. Then you can see how far it’s true. You can also look for the neighboring hotels, places of interest, the distance, how far it is from public transport and other details.

Check reviews

Every hotel has their website. You will see customer reviews and it’s not just to beautify the website but something for you to read. It’s important that you check what people have to say about this place and the facilities. You can also check their Google reviews and social media reviews. It’s a good way to know how people really think about their service.


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