Family Holidays

Choosing Holiday Accommodation for You and Your Family

Travelling is undisputedly a lot of fun and more importantly, full of enriching experiences. How you travel though, depends on your status. Are you travelling alone, with a partner, a friend, or with your family? If you are adventuring on your own this is the easiest since you only have to worry about yourself and you will be more open to bunking down anywhere for the night and changing up your itinerary as you please. With a partner or friend, things may be less flexible however still open to change if necessary. When it comes to travelling with your family though, your responsibilities begin to pile up. Here is what you need to know when booking accommodation especially if you are off on your first family trip.


Whether you are looking at family villas Bali or hotels, it is important that you have adjoining rooms particularly if you have a big family. It is not possible for a family of 6 for example to all stay together in one room. Also, check the square footage to make sure the room is large enough as kids love to run around and therefore need ample space. A villa is actually a fantastic option since they tend to be larger and roomier than hotel rooms. Plus, you have the added advantage of privacy!




You need to pick your location based on your kids. You see, even if your partner and you are willing to walk around, your kids will tire out pretty quickly. So you need to make sure that no matter where you are, you have easy access to your accommodation. It would be terrible if they broke out in a tantrum in the middle of the street and you still had over an hour to get back. Kids work to a different timetable altogether and run out of energy as fast as they re-energise, so when they want to rest they just want to rest and there is nothing you can do about it!



If you are travelling with very young children like babies and toddlers, you need to make sure the necessary facilities are in place for your convenience. Although this really depends on the type of accommodation you have selected (such as luxury for instance), there are still basic amenities that need to be provided. A changing table, diaper genie, and highchair are some such items. If you are not sure whether these will be available and you would like them to be, you can contact them beforehand and enquire.



As a parent, keeping a few snacks on hand in your room is something that comes naturally to you, however sometimes you might run out and forget to replenish your stocks or your kids might just stubbornly not want them. In such cases, you want to be able to order some kid-friendly meals off the menu (at a good price of course) at any time of the day. Research online for possible options and also speak to friends who have kids for their tips as well. If you are really stuck for options, you can always look at getting a travel agent on board to help you. They will be able to get you a good deal with the necessary facilities which will leave you with plenty of time to pack and plan!